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Leibish & Co. has Expertise in coloured Diamonds for Original Engagement Rings or Anniversary Gifts

The Short type: In case you are looking for an original gemstone or special anniversary present, Leibish & Co. has actually a powerful inventory of high-quality, colorful, and conflict-free expensive diamonds and gems. The family-run company happens to be operating online since 1998 with your own touch that has won recurring company from around the world. Leibish & Co. makes it simple to get loose stones or perhaps to use their free “Design your” instrument to carry your perfect little bit of precious jewelry alive. With many years of experience and solid artistry under their strip, Leibish & Co. is on the brink of increasing the stock to watches alongside accessories.


When Leibish Polnauer founded 1st internet based diamond company in 1998, it got nearly a complete day to publish a single image and information to his site — but he had been a visionary just who saw potential from inside the fledgling world of e-commerce. “as he views the possibility in a thought, he can do everything within his power to advance with it,” stated Benji Margolese, Director of information advertising for Leibish & Co.

Leibish created a fruitful, family-run process together with his wife and children helping in management opportunities. They’ve got cultivated a fruitful web based business with practices situated throughout the world. Leibish & Co. is a leader in unique colored expensive diamonds and gemstones being difficult to find someplace else. Its diamonds may conflict-free, and is an important facet for a number of buyers.

“individuals come to all of us since they find one thing a tiny bit different, anything a bit more unique than what the rest of us has actually,” Benji stated.

While Leibish & Co. provides top-quality traditional diamonds, the organization focuses on colorful, distinctive jewelry. When asked why the organization has actually these a higher customer return rate, Benji easily pinpoints the primary reason.

“its a mixture of outstanding services and products, great service, and jewellery crafted to the highest quantities of perfection,” he said. “The precious jewelry we make is certainly not your daily, mass-produced types of product. Every piece is actually custom-made to completely suit the diamond or gemstone opted for because of the client.”

A Family Affair With individual Service

Leibish & Co. is actually a true family members business, with Leibish’s members of the family playing important parts in organization.

Leibish functions as Founder and chairman in the organization, while his partner, Rosi, may be the business’ Activities Manager. Their unique eldest girl, Chavi, serves as top honors Jewelry Designer — and is a massive obligation since custom jewelry accocunts for significantly more than 50per cent regarding the business’s company, Benji stated.

Leibish’s oldest boy, Yossi, is the CEO of Leibish & Co. Another boy, Shmulik, who is a graduate on the Gemological Institute of The united states, will be the fundamental Diamond Buyer for any organization. “Shmulik is, actually, certainly the majority of gifted shade diamond experts in the,” Benji stated.

Leibish’s son Itzik could be the organizations COO and works the nyc office on Fifth Avenue. Yoni, who is the youngest of Leibish’s five kids, could be the businesses CFO.

“as among the longtime members of the group, i could let you know that, however, there is not any connection, they give consideration to myself, yet others, part of their family,” Benji said. “most of us bring our very own expertise into the company, but come together to consistently develop the business.”

Customers are additionally treated like family members at Leibish & Co., where company invests power into personal service and revenue. “If you have ever managed one particular agent, as an example, that is the exact same person could usually manage, no matter what you are contacting or writing in approximately,” Benji mentioned. “we do not believe in moving clients around to various departments when they’ve a question or specific concern they want to cope with.”

Consumers originate from All Over the World

Leibish provides some different sorts of customers: there are consumers, who largely store through web page, retailers, and the ones inside trade business, who generally look at the organizations primary offices in New York, Israel, and Hong-Kong.

A great deal of Leibish & Co.’s customers are from US. The after that hottest market is actually Canada, with great britain, Australia, Hong Kong, together with rest of Europe.

Customers at each and every phase of life store at Leibish & Co., though the majority are between the many years of 35 and 54, Benji stated. Additionally, the firm garners about 300,000 internet site visits every month — and keeps most of the consumers coming back again.

“With over a 70percent return customer rating, we stay among the most famous organizations within our niche,” he mentioned.

Colorful Diamonds & Gemstones With a “Design your own personal” Option

Leibish & Co. carries top-quality precious jewelry, additionally keeps inventory flexibility, specifically for on line clients, Benji said. The company carries numerous loose diamonds and important gems, but the key products are personalized precious jewelry projects.

“We keep extreme assortment of multicolor diamond and gemstone jewellery, which includes of rarest shades previously viewed,” he mentioned. “We are known well by our very own bread-and-butter items — yellow diamond and green diamond engagement bands. But we sell expensive jewelry of nearly every color, and priceless gems — such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. We offer jewelry crafted with colorless expensive diamonds, as well, but the expertise is within the realm of tone.”

For customers who have something planned and need help which makes it possible, Leibish & Co. offers a “Design your” precious jewelry device, which Benji stated is actually its most well known item.

“Naturally, when looking for an unique part, men and women often desire certain rocks and placing designs they’ve currently fallen deeply in love with,” he stated. The “Design yours” tool makes it possible for customers to create a bit with the rock, establishing, and steel of the choice.

“it permits them to bring their particular ambitions alive — with the knowledge in design,” Benji informed us.

Extras & unique on the web Tools in Store for Leibish & Co.

since it appears toward the future, Leibish & Co. is slowly shifting toward higher-ticket products plus item range. The organization seems comfortable branching over to new products considering the commitment and passion it pertains to most appropriate its present designs.

“we’ve spoken of introducing numerous accessories — for example luxury watches, purses, and also pens,” Benji said. “But we decided to hold back until we very first perfected the main distinctive line of item, basically expensive jewelry.”

Leibish & Co. is searching for ways to continue refining the well-known internet site, also. A good way it intends to enhance the internet based knowledge is by bringing in augmented real life functions, that may offer virtual customers more of an in-store knowledge.

As a business along with its roots in colourful expensive diamonds and e-commerce, Leibish & Co. consistently innovate in a traditional business which views change once the exemption, perhaps not the guideline.


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